Watanabe bookbinding Co.LTD is Tokyo of Japan company with over about 70 years of bookbinding experience.

WATANABE Bookbinding Co.LTD

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 Welcome to WATANABE Bookbinding Co.LTD 

Watanabe Bookbinding is an integrated bookbinding company in Tokyo,Japan.
Excellent Japanese quality and seamless services from procuring to printing,binding and shipping are guaranteed.
We can process products that use Tomoe-river paper, a well-known brand for its special, unique and thin Japanese paper.
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Please contact us from:
info@watanabeseihon.com or Contact form

 Product guide

Tomoe-river note book(Made in Japan)

● diary-book
● lay-flat/soft cover/hard cover
Japanese special paper such as Tomoe-river

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Hard cover style books

● sewing-bind
● notch bind
● round back
● square back
● various style cover making

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Soft cover style books

● notch-bind
● adhesive-bind
● sewing-bind
● ordinary style
● gate folded cover
● edge coloring
● with book-mark(within cover)

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Special processing books

 Moleskine style notebook
● French style cover book
● Cover with rubber band

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Ask from us

Sorry,We cannot accept orders in a smaller number for repair binding,thesis binding and library binding. Please note that the minimum order lot is 500 books of a new product.
We accept inquiries byE-Mailor through theContact formon the website only.

 Three features of my company

Feature 1

We can produce books and notebooks by using special paper such asTomoe Riverwhich is only available in Japan.
From procuring to printing, bookbinding and shipping,we can offer seamless services.

Feature 2

Our workers' experience in hand-crafted binding enables us to satisfy customers' specific needs for bookbinding  which cannot be achieved with only machines.

Feature 3

Quality management is our top priority. From production to packing, we take a detail-oriented  approach and carry out product inspection throughout every process.

About us

Located in Tokyo,Japan,
Watanabe Bookbinding Co.LTD.takes pride in its bookbinding business with 70years ​of experience.
We are an all-around bookbinding company,
and we can produce books with both hard and soft cover.
By fully utilizing both machine-operated and traditional handmade bookbinding techniques,
we are able to produce books of various types including dictionaries,
photograph collections,
and notebooks,etc.

WATANABE Bookbinding Co.LTD


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